Persil Cleaner Planet Plan
Cleaner Planet Plan

It's in Our Hands

July 2011

Persil has always given your family brilliantly clean clothes. Now, they're working on a plan to make the planet cleaner too.

Persil's Cleaner Planet Plan focuses on four key environmental areas: reducing greenhouse gas emissions, saving water, reducing energy use and decreasing packaging waste. Taking into account the entire life-cycle of Persil’s laundry range – from the ingredients that go into their products, sourcing, manufacture, packaging and delivery, through to consumer use and disposal – the Cleaner Planet Plan aims to halve the environmental impact of doing laundry in New Zealand by 2020.

Using Persil means we can help reduce the impact on the environment, without compromising on wash performance.
Find out more about what Persil has achieved and how they will continue to reduce their impact on the environment in these four key areas. And discover what you and your family can do to help.

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How You Can Help

Drip, Drop - Saving Water

Water - it's our planet's greatest resource and essential for life. We use it for washing, cooking, drinking, even for watching the telly (hydro power stations!). So, how can we ensure that we aren't wasting this valuable resource?

Be Energy Wise

Saving energy not only helps the environment, it also saves you money! Just a few simple changes made around the home and in your lifestyle can make you more "energy wise" and more popular with the bank manager too!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Recycling is not just about putting your newspapers out for collection. It begins with reducing the amount of waste that we produce, reusing as much as we can and recycling what remains. Find out more about how your family can reduce, reuse and recycle.

The Greenhouse Effect

Reducing the effect of greenhouse gases is not just a problem for big business and world leaders. We can all do our part to help reduce our effect on our planet's precious environment.

Good Clean Fun
Fun Zone

For the Joy of Mess!

Creating, experimenting, exploring and getting messy - that's what kids love! The Persil Fun Zone is full of fantastic ideas for kids' activities. Make a pizza garden, try some experiments or make a fairy wand - and let Persil clean up afterwards!


Kids Poster Competition

Got a budding artist with a soft spot for the environment? We're inviting kids to design an A4 poster showing one way to keep our environment clean and green. The best posters will be showcased on Kidspot and we have prizes too!


Cleaner Planet Plan

Did you know that all Persil powder cartons are fully recyclable and are made from 90% recycled content? Find out more about how Persil is working on achieving a cleaner planet for everyone and providing tips that can save you money.

Small Whites

Have a Go

Persil, the official Small Whites sponsor, is encouraging Kiwi kids to Have a Go at football to learn new skills, build confidence and develop active lifestyles. But no matter how dirty your kids' clothes may get, Persil will help clean up!

Connect with Kidspot:

Your Cleaner Planet Plan

Share your best ideas for keeping our planet clean and green! Join other parents in sharing advice on how your family cares for the environment and saves money and be in to win.


On Your Tube

Watch Persil's very own You Tube channel for the latest stories and interviews. This week Greer Robson-Kirk shares her top energy saving tips.


Persil's Cleaner Planet

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