Keeping life sexy
Keeping life sexy

Keeping life sexy

14th January 2011

It's 2:00 AM and your six month old has woken up for the third time. You're covered in baby vomit stains, your hair looks like a birds nest (that has been trampled on by elephants) and your house looks like it's been hit by a very messy cyclone. Are you feeling sexy?

OK, so in those first few months with a new bub, feeling sexy is certainly off the radar, but as you emerge from the baby haze and your children grow older, it may take a little bit of motivation to get your mojo back.

Read on to discover Kidspot's top tips for keeping your relationship and intimate life intact after the arrival of children: foods that will get you in the mood, tips on how to jump start your libido, and how to have intimate time when your life includes children! Get tips on intimacy and keeping life sexy at

In the mood

In the mood foods

We've heard about the aphrodisiac quality of oysters, but did you know that figs and almonds also get you in the mood?

Libido jump start

When you're a busy mother, libido often sinks way down on the priority list. Read our eight easy ways to jump-start your libido.

Kids in the house?

Living with kids can really interfere with your intimate time as a couple. Here are some tips to help find some 'we' time.

Live longer: have fun!

Healthy living isn't just about eating more salad. Discover indulgences that are good for you and enjoy being healthy!

Tea for two
Mistakes women make

5 sex blunders

Long term relationships come with a high level of comfort which may not seem exciting. Discover simple ways you can avoid getting into a rut.

Have a healthy marriage?

Quick quiz

How healthy do you think your marriage is? Find out now by answering these ten simple relationship questions. You might be surprised!

Why sex is good for you

12 reasons

If you need a little incentive to rev up your engine, studies now show that sex is actually good for your health. Here's why.

Tips for happy couples

7 top tips

A long-lasting marriage needs commitment, good communication and a good dose of love and affection. Here's seven tips for happy couples..

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Keeping life sexy

How do you keep your life sexy? It's not all about lacy lingerie and fancy dinners. Chat to other mums just like you and get tips on how to keep the magic alive - even if that means relaxing with a romantic DVD!


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