Boost Your Kid's Calcium
Strong Bones & Teeth

Strong Bones & Teeth

Not only are kids growing constantly but they think they are invincible, often tackling crazy challenges without fear of the consequences! So more than anyone they need calcium to maintain strong bones and teeth. Interestingly, our bodies can't make calcium so we need to consume it in our diet.

Ensuring your kids have an adequate intake of calcium throughout childhood and adolescence is critical for adequate bone density later in life. Why? Because as we age, our opportunity to add bone mass decreases. If you don't build strong bones while you're young, you could be in trouble when you're in your golden years. Calcium is one nutrient growing kids cannot afford to skip.

But did you know that a whopping 30% of NZ children aged 11-14 years aren't getting enough calcium in their diet*? It's unsettling stuff that our kids may be missing out on calcium just when they need it most, but fortunately there are some simple things you can do to give your kids a boost.

Eating a variety of foods from across the food groups will give your kids the range of nutrients and fuel they need. Dairy foods are one of the core food groups and are best known for calcium and building strong bones. We would all agree that plain milk is a good choice for kids. However, if your kids aren't so keen on plain milk or you're looking for a way for them to meet their 3+ serves a day, try adding MILO to a glass of plain trim milk. Did you know this can boost your child's calcium intake by 50%**. So your child is building strong bones by getting more calcium for the same intake of milk. Clever! Not only that, but MILO is a good source of protein and is fortified with 6 essential vitamins and minerals. By giving your kids a glass of MILO and trim milk, you're providing them with not just calcium but also iron, B vitamins (B1 and B2) and vitamin C as well as boosting their magnesium and vitamin A levels. What an easy, nutritious and yummy way to maintain strong bones for the challenges ahead!

*NZ Food NZ Children:  Key results of the 2002 National Children's Nutrition Survey, 2003
** NZ Food Composition Tables, 2006

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Dairy foods are well known for providing the body with calcium to build strong bones. Children’s bones are growing rapidly throughout the early part of their life and therefore it is critical to ensure that children receive enough daily calcium to ensure their bones achieve their maximum strength. MILO + milk is a great way to ensure that your children are getting a great source of calcium every day. Promoter is Kidspot NZ Ltd.

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