The Play Movement

The State of Play

June 2012

Active play is essential for a child's development, but research reveals that today's kids aren't playing every day. Parents and children face similar barriers when it comes to play: time, inspiration and an increasing reliance on technology.

Now, the MILO team is helping kids and parents play every day through the launch of the MILO Play Movement. Make active play a part of every day in your family.

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Forgotten Play Time

Why Aren't Kids Playing?

Has the current generation abandoned the backyard for the box? Discover why nearly half of all Kiwi kids are not playing every day.

The Importance of Play

Encourage playtime for the health of our children's bodies and minds! Find out why it's important for children to play every day.

Inspiring Play

How can you encourage your children to play more? MILO is inspiring parents to remove the barriers that stop us from playing.

Facebook Focus

Visit MILO on Facebook and chat with other parents about ideas for play. Get free advice and join the Play Movement.

Let's Get Together

Play Time

From Piggy in the Middle to the Teddy Bear Skipping Game, the Activity Finder is the place to reminisce about favourite games that we used to play as kids. Introduce them to your own children now.


Play On

Choose a sport that suits your child with our comprehensive guide to kid's sports. Find the best age to start, suitability, rules of the game and tips to help your child pick a sport.


Official Drink of Play

Give them the great taste that Kiwi kids love! With 6 essential vitamins & minerals, MILO together with milk is a nutrient rich drink for active kids that boosts the calcium content of milk by 50%.

Out and About

Parks and Playgrounds

The easiest and most affordable way to get out and about for some playtime with the kids is to make the most of your local parks. Use our Things to Do section to discover a new park.

Connect with Kidspot:


Need some ideas to get the kids up and moving? Try the MILO Play-o-pedia application on their Facebook page and press play for instant inspiration.


Win Great Prizes!

Come and chat with other Kiwi parents on keeping kids active in the MILO Play Group. Share your ideas and comments and be in to win prizes! This week one lucky entrant will win a Prezzy Card loaded with $200!


Fuel Their Active Play

For years New Zealand families have been giving their kids the nutritious goodness of MILO as a hot or cold drink. Find out more about this Kiwi favourite.


Family Fun

Browse the Kidspot Directory for outdoor venues and activities. Choose something that the whole family can enjoy for some quality playtime together.