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Friendship is magic
Understanding the importance of friendship

Understanding the importance of friendship

May, 2011 | Yvette Lee

Hasbro's latest My Little Pony animated series: Friendship is Magic centres on a unicorn pony named Twilight Sparkle who is sent to Ponyville to learn more about the importance of friendship. Here, she becomes friends with five other ponies: Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy, Applejack and Rainbow Dash. Together they explore the ins and outs of the town, overcoming various obstacles along the way. At the end of each episode, Twilight Sparkle reports back on her friendship learning to Princess Celestia.

Just like the lessons learned in the My Little Pony series, friendships are important for your child, helping her to grow emotionally and socially. It is through friendships that she learns appropriate social behaviour - how to become a leader, how to follow, fairness and how to win and lose gracefully. Friendships teach her how to establish guidelines, make decisions and solve problems. She will also discover that not everyone sees things from the same point of view - friends may have different views and opinions and they must learn to respect the viewpoint of others.

Building good relationships will boost your child's self esteem and she can find comfort in friends during troubled times. A scraped knee, moving to a new school, or losing a beloved pet never seems so bad when she has a friend to talk to and someone she can depend on for moral support.

Children differ in social style so spending time with your child and encouraging her to nurture these friendships, whether it's a lot of casual friends or only one or two close friends, will allow her to make friends at her own pace. As your child grows she will hone the ability to handle every type of social situation resulting in meaningful and lasting friendships and relationships.

The My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series is due out in New Zealand soon. For a sneak peak, check out the trailer here.

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