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Pregnancy, <span> Labour, and <span> birth

Pregnancy, Labour, and birth

Pregnancy is a journey that blossoms with conception but can be scary once you are pregnant. Feel confident with Kidspot's support during pregnancy, understand pregnancy symptoms, then follow your pregnancy week by week, get birth advice, plan your baby nursery, and choose the perfect baby name. Bookmark this page for all the pregnancy advice and information you'll need.

Week by week guide


You have decided to have a baby - how exciting! Find out how you can optimise your chances for a natural conception

1 to 12 weeks

Congratulations! Your amazing journey is just starting

13 to 28 weeks

You are already into your 2nd trimester - have you felt your baby kick yet?

29 to 40 weeks

Nearly there! Get prepared for labour and birth

Labour and birth

The waiting game is over

Find out all the different stages of labour including how labour starts and pain relief


The final push!

Your baby's journey throughout labour and birth and tips for early nurturing, including feeding, and bonding with your baby

Labour 101

The condensed version

If you prefer the shorter version, check out our Labour 101 – condensed overview, specially designed for time-poor mums and dads to be.


What now?

Your baby is finally here - congratulations. But what to do now? FInd out here

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Pregnancy health

Keeping well during pregnancy


What do all the pregnancy words mean?