Good on ya mum!

Making mum's day easier

February 2012

Bring back the love for the humble sandwich! With the release of Tip Top's new bread, The One, you can now lose the guilt that comes with trying to keep fussy kids happy.
It's a fact of life that most kids prefer white bread. But now when they declare "please mum, no bits", you can happily serve up a delicious sandwich, confident in the knowledge that The One is the first nutritionally complete* white bread. So celebrate the sandwich with us!

*Defined as white bread with vitamins and minerals, high fibre and lower GI than regular white bread.

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Use Your Loaf

Bread Myths Busted

Bread has unfairly got itself a reputation for being an "empty" food. But is that loaf of bread really so bad? We bust the myths and reveal some facts about bread that may surprise you.

Mums Say

Kidspot chose 300 lucky Mums Say members to try 'The One', the brand new bread from Tip Top Bakery. Find out what our reviewers had to say with our reviews from real mums.

Meet The One

It's white bread, but not as you know it! Tip Top's new bread is naturally good with no added preservatives, colours or flavours. With vitamins and minerals, high fibre and lower GI than regular white bread, the whole family will love The One.

Helping Kiwi Kids

Tip Top is proud to support KidsCan's efforts to give Kiwi kids living in underprivileged situations the chance to grow and succeed, providing bread for nutritionally balanced meals. Over 8,500 kids receive free food at school through this programme.

Celebrate the Sandwich

Corn Toasties

Think 'outside the box' when choosing lunches for your growing kids. These awesome Corn Toasties are so good they'll be back for more!


The Sandwich Game

Hilarity is guaranteed with this easy memory game that will fire up your children's imaginations. Just don't try and eat the sandwich that they will invent!


Tip Top Bakery

Tip Top have been baking bread for Kiwi families for more than 50 years. So it's safe to say they know a thing or two about bread! Every week they produce 1.2million loaves of bread, buns, rolls, muffins and crumpets.


Teriyaki Treat

Bring together fresh lettuce, creamy avocado and the oriental flavours of Teriyaki in this great chicken sandwich.


What will you make next?

Our slideshow of droolworthy lunch ideas will have you running to the store to grab your own supply of The One! From Nana's Club Sandwiches to Kiwi Chip and Marmite, there's a delicious filling to suit everyone's tastebuds.


Healthy Food Pyramid

The healthy food pyramid is a general guide to daily food choices to help us plan meals, organise which recipes to cook and what groceries to buy.


Eating Well with The One

See nutrionist Marnie Oberer talking about The One in this new television commercial for Eating Well.

Meet 'The One'!

Bread is so much more versatile than just sandwiches and toast. Share your favourite way to use sliced bread, rolls or buns and be in to win!