Your Skin is Amazing

Your Skin is Amazing

It's your waterproof barrier. It's how you sense and adjust to your surroundings. Constantly growing and replacing itself. In short, your skin is amazing. It's easy to take skin and all of its properties for granted, but Vaseline never have. They have developed products to help keep your skin looking and feeling amazing.

Skin Care

Daily Skin Ritual

Discover the daily skin ritual that will keep your skin looking its best. Include a moisturiser in your skin care routine to keep your skin looking healthy with the right moisture balance.

Moisturising Benefits

Moisturising hydrates and revitalises your skin to improve its appearance and feel. It locks in moisture and helps to prevent dry skin. Find out more about the benefits of moisturising and keeping your skin looking its best.

28 Day Challenge

We invited 100 Mums Say members to take the 28 Day Vaseline Moisturiser Challenge. Find out how the reviewers enjoyed their quest for healthier skin.

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28 Day Challenge

Mums Review

100 Mums Say members took on our 28 Day Vaseline Moisturiser Challenge. They not only rediscovered beautiful skin with improved look and feel, they also found it a wonderful way to take some well-earned time out for themselves.


Tip for Delicate Noses!

"Use Vaseline Aloe Fresh Hydrating Lotion on and around your nose when you have a bad cold - stops the dry, sore, flaky skin you get from wiping your snoz too much! Haylee9


Mums Discuss

Is your job or hobby drying out your skin? Just day to day activities can have an affect on your skin's moisture levels. What affects your skin?


Prize pack winners

Congratulations to raglanmum and lmiln003, the two lucky 28 Day Challenge reviewers who received an added surprise from Vaseline.

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How Dry is Your Skin?

Moisturising benefits your skin by keeping it hydrated. How is your skin looking? Find out how Vaseline grades skin health - which grade are you?

Mums Say

28 Day Challenge

"After even the first application I noticed a really significant difference in my legs, they are so much less dry and scaley now! And I love the smell and its not greasy at all." Janinekiwi


Starting the Challenge

"My skin is soft & smooth & it feels nice to apply. I'm amazed looking at the close-up photos." Nilithya


Amazing Results

"Its AMAZING!! I've noticed my skin overall is in much better condition after using the vaseline aloe fresh than it was before." hellyp