2 ingredient slow cooker cake


Did you know that you can cook a cake in a slow cooker? Not many people do! This 2 ingredient version uses diced fruit in juice and a cake mix which is super-easy, moist and delicious.

2 ingredient Milo cake


If your kids are whining that there’s nothing to eat, whip them up one of these Milo cakes each and you’ll hear nothing but satisfied silence. It sounds weird, but when you cook up the Milo it tastes like a yummy fudge brownie.

2 ingredient macaroons


These yummy macaroons are the perfect quick sweet treat that the kids will love helping to make. They're also super speedy to whip up if you have unexpected guests as they'll be done and dusted in 20 minutes!

Raspberry crush


When the sun is beating down outside, a glass of this refreshing raspberry crush drink will cool the kids down. Made with just 2-ingredients, relief from the heat is only 5 minutes away!

Beetroot chips


If it’s a healthy snack you’re after, these beetroot chips are just what you need.

2 ingredient crepes


These crepes are light and you can fill them with sweet or savoury fillings. They are egg-free, sugar-free and dairy-free and therefore versatile. Think Nutella, strawberries and cream for sweet or feta, ham and diced tomatoes for savoury ...