Cheesecake dip


The ingredients for this dip are a little bit naughty, but it is a great way to get that cheesecake flavour without actually having a slice of cheesecake. If you use lots of fresh fruit to dip in this I think it’s a great treat.

Cookie dough dip


Cookie dough dip will give you all the delicious flavour of that cookie dough you want to eat all the time. Dip crackers, pretzels and apple slices for a delicious snack.

White bean dip


If you like hummus then try this white bean dip for something a little bit different. It's easy to make, tastes delicious and is a great source of protein. Serve with crackers or bread sticks.

Hummus dip and crackers for kids


Hummus is a dip that most kids like which is lucky because it's a nutritious food full of legumes and seeds while the homemade crackers are easy peasy to make.

Tuna dip


This tuna dip is a great recipe to serve at your next BBQ or party. Serve with carrot sticks or toasted pita bread.

California Salsa


This zesty salsa is a burst of sunshine for your tastebuds. Tomatoes, chilli and coriander make a beautiful mix to brush on barbecue meat or as a side to dip crunchy tortilla chips in.

Chickpea dip


I love this quick and cheap dip. It‰s great for adult and kids parties, perfect for a spread on sandwiches and even better when served with crunchy vegetable fingers.