Golden syrup slice


This sweet slice recipe doesn't need any baking and uses pantry ingredients which makes it a double winner in our eyes! Make it for a school cake sale or as a weekend treat for the kids

Hedgehog slice


This homemade hedgehog slice is a delicious alternative to the shop-bought variety. Full of crunch from the biscuits, nuts and coconut, this slice makes for a chocolate-y treat everyone will love.

Chia seed muesli bars


These chia seed muesli bars are great for the kids to take to school for recess and you won’t believe how easy they are to make. You will never buy muesli bars again and best of all, they are nut free.

Lolly slice


This delicious treat of lollies, marshmallow and biscuit can be kept in the fridge and just cut a slice of when you need that special pick me up or great for the school cake stall

Raspberry rocky road


By changing up a few of the traditional ingredients, this scrumptious no-bake raspberry rocky road becomes the perfect kid-friendly treat. Make it for the school cake stall or wrap it in cellophane to give as a delicious gift.