Bread rolls

Why buy rolls when you can make them? Sure, they're a little more work than pulling out a bag of store-bought rolls but when you taste these crusty rolls, you'll be pleased that you made the effort

Jam donuts

These are so simple to make you can use any type of berry jam and a dollop of cream. Who does not love a donut.


These are great for kids parties, decorate as you wish you can add sultanas to half the mixture for variety these freeze well and are so good for kids lunches

Beetroot Muesli Slice

Full of spices, fruit, seeds and nuts plus beetroot these muesli slices are the perfect energy snack or breakfast bar on the run for a busy family on the go and in the need for yummy healthier fuelling options.

Boys’ bean salad

The garlicky, herby dressing on this bean, feta and tuna mix make this a hearty salad that will satisfy even the hungriest tum. Serve with crusty bread to mop up the yummy juices.