Easy Mexican baked potatoes

These easy, tasty Mexican-inspired baked potatoes are too good not to try for a simple, yet delicious, healthy dinner.

Healthy nachos

If you think my healthy corn chips are good then you are going to LOVE this healthy nachos recipe. All you need is some fresh salsa and light cheese and you have a winning dish.

Mexican bean bake

It’s good to have a meat-free meal every week but it has to be filling and tasty, right? This Mexican bean bake fits right into the filling and tasty category.

Taco lasagne

This easy taco lasagne has delicious layers of Mexican flavoured beef, with tortillas, salsa and beans. It's a simple Mexican oven bake.

Oven tacos

If you need to feed a hungry crowd, these Mexican-inspired crispy shells packed full of juicy beef and melted cheese will hit the spot.

Gluten-free corn tortillas

Corn tortillas are a great way to enjoy all of your Mexican favourites whether you are on a gluten-free diet or not. With only two ingredients plus water, you’ll know exactly what’s in them, and the whole family can get involved with the kneading and rolling.