Pizza pockets

Make your pizzas completely portable by folding them into tasty little pockets with the ingredients on the inside. They're delicious cold and make an ideal picnic or lunch box filler.

Basic pizza dough

This easy pizza dough recipe makes 2 large (30cm) pizza bases and is set out in simple, easy to follow steps. You will have pizza in no time with this recipe.

Garlic prawn pizza

This garlic prawn pizza has no cheese on top so it’s ideal if you are not a cheese lover. Make it for a romantic dinner after the kids have gone to bed. It’s OK if you BOTH have garlic.

Pita pizza

Kids love to help make these yummy quick pizzas they are crispy and delicious you can add extra to them or make them to taste

Pizza fingers

These are great for Halloween as they look like fingers with the red on the end, they are great to wrap in foil and served cold in the lunchbox

Pizza pinwheels

These pizza pinwheels are super-easy to make, having no yeast in the recipe. They are equally popular as a snack after school as a yummy alternative to sandwiches in the lunch box.


This meatza is a pizza made with lean mince. It’s almost like a giant Italian-style meatball made into a pizza. Best of all it is low-carb. It's perfect for those following a Paleo diet.