Spicy sweet potato chips

Sweet potatoes are delicious any which way you please, but these spicy baked sweet potato chips are a real winner. Tossed in a spicy almond meal coating, and served with a yoghurt dipping sauce, they’re a tasty and nutritious side dish or snack.

Best-ever roast vegetables

There are roast veggies and then there are these best-ever roast veggies! Lemon juice and rosemary give them a gorgeous flavour which go beautifully with any roast meat or fish. save any leftovers to make a tasty Spanish omelette for the next day.

Fennel and thyme gratin

If you want to sell a dish like fennel to your family then you are going to need to add some crunchy crumbs and bake it so your family just can't resist. Here we show you how with this delicious fennel and thyme gratin.

Maple roasted pumpkin

This pumpkin recipe is simple, sweet and so delicious. This recipe makes your pumpkin a deep orange with those lovely caramelised edges that make roasted pumpkin special. Serve it with your favourite roast or toss it into summer salads.