Potato scones

A variation on the traditional recipe, these scones made with potatoes are a delicious savoury treat. Best eaten warm with lashings of butter.

Shamrock smoothie

This Shamrock smoothie is perfect for St Patrick's Day and will delight the family with its lovely green colour. The kids will love the smooth creamy texture and Mum will love that it’s healthy.

Shamrock jellies

These shamrock jellies are made with jelly crystals and ice cream and give a pretty green two-tone effect. They taste delicious and the kids will have fun making them for St Patrick's Day.

Green smoothie

Don’t let the colour of this green smoothie turn you off. It is perfectly delicious and will give your body a blast of vitamins to help you get through the day!

Rainbow fried rice

The kids are sure to devour this rainbow fried rice. The peas, corn and carrot make it a lovely colourful dish. Serving this up for dinner will be a raging success with all the family.

Creamy spinach soup

This soup is fun because it’s bright green. I enticed the kids to eat it by issuing them with a challenge: “I bet you’re not game to try this!” They were shocked to find they liked it and backed up for seconds.

Spring pesto chicken

Make the most of seasonal green veggies, with this utterly delish spring pesto chicken dish. It's a cinch to prepare and will take less than 30 minutes to cook - perfect those nights when you don't have a lot of time.